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Non-pharmacological Pain Management with Treatments that relieve and reduce pain

What is Non-pharmacological Pain Management? 

As part of a physical medicine approach to reduce or relieve pain, it will involve modalities, exercise, nutrition, restful sleep, meditation, and other treatments. Modalities involve cold (ice - dry or bath), heat (heat pack, ultrasound, paraffin, etc.), light (infrared, ultraviolet, laser, etc.), electrical (TENS, etc.), and mechanical (traction, compression, massage, etc.). Exercises include aerobic, anaerobic, strengthening, stretching, motor control, and endurance-building. Nutrition includes appropriate amounts and balance of protein, carbohydrate, fat, minerals, and vitamins. Meditation focuses on optimizing the mind and soul of a person to heal and recover effectively and quickly.

What are the benefits/advantages of Non-pharmacological Pain Reduction / Relief Treatments?

These treatments can be more focused on the specific areas of pain. These treatments are non-invasive. Oral medications have systemic effects, and only part of a dose goes to any given symptomatic area. These non-pharmacological treatments have reduced side effects as a result of little to no systemic involvement. 

Why we focus on Non-pharmacological Pain Management?

Nonpharmacologic treatments tend to be underutilized or neglected in pain relief management. This approach can address causes for pain that can have more impact in pain relief than opioids or other medications, which may just mask pain.

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