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Practice Areas & Treatments

At CCPM&R, we offer a wide range of treatments to meet your goals and needs, depending on your desired approach. We can help from a body part or system problem approach (pain in a specific area), a functional problem approach (walking difficulty, pain during weight-bearing, etc.), and a community interaction problem approach (getting out into the community, workplace access problems, etc.). CCPM&R recognizes that people can have more than one clinical problem at a time and that the problems may or may not be related. CCPM&R tries to account for the entire clinical picture of a patient in devising an effective treatment plan. Visit one of our Quad Cities locations.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Physical medicine looks at treatments besides medications to reduce symptoms. Rehabilitation focuses on restoring function. These two areas are often linked to aid in the recovery process. 

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Osteopathic Medicine

The goal of Osteopathic Medicine is to restore a person’s health by allowing one’s inner healing capabilities to be maximized. Doctor Chin has over 30+ years of experience as a Rehabilitation Physician and DO.

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Pain Management

Visual and palpatory diagnosis made to improve walking and mobility function, which may reduce pain and use of opioid pain-relieving medications. 

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Prosthetics & Orthotics

Part of physical medicine and rehabilitation services is helping patients getting the proper equipment to get from one place to another. CCPM&R can help with assessing function for and fitting artificial limbs, braces and orthotics, and wheelchairs.

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