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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does CCPM&R accept insurance?

A. We are not accepting insurance at this time. All treatments will be self-pay (also known as "out-of-pocket" or cash payments). We accept credit card, check, and cash. Please continue to check back as we are trying to become a provider with several insurance companies.

If you do have insurance, you might be able to submit the claim to your insurance provider for reimbursement. CCPM&R would be considered an "out-of-network" provider.

Q. Are pediatric patients seen at CCPM&R?

A. Yes, there is the willingness of CCPM&R to see patients as young as infants for the services CCPM&R can provide.

Q. Where are patients of CCPM&R seen?

A. We have many satellite clinic sites to see patients of the Quad Cities region. We spend a day at a given site. We have an office in Eldridge, Iowa, used for paperwork, but it is not a clinic space. In other words, we do not see patients at an office site in Eldridge. 

Q. Does CCPM&R provide primary care services?

A. We do not provide primary care services in general. Occasionally, primary care services are provided, but they are not intended to be for the long term. 

Q. How long are appointments at CCPM&R?

A. Initial visits can be up to 90 minutes long. Follow-up visits can be up to 75 minutes long. 

Q. Are medications prescribed?

A. CCPM&R focuses on physical medicine, which looks at other treatments besides oral or injected medications, to treat patient symptoms. Medications may be prescribed, but generally are directed by a patient’s primary care physician or provider. Generally, controlled substances are not prescribed.

Q. What is the Difference Between OMM and OMT?

A. Read Dr. Chin's blog post to learn more.

Q. What is Dr. Chin's background?

A. Dr. Chin was medical director of the Physical Medicne & Rehabilitation program at Genesis Medical Center for about 15 years. The service line involved inpatient, outpatient, and home health services. The inpatient rehabilitation program at Genesis was 1 of 2 community hospitals to have achieved CARF accreditation in Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) rehabilitation out of approximately 80 programs accredited nationally during Dr. Chin's medical leadership.