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What is the Difference Between OMM and OMT? 

OMM is osteopathic manipulative medicine. It could mean osteopathic manual medicine. OMT is osteopathic manipulative therapy. It could mean osteopathic manual therapy, osteopathic manipulative technique, or osteopathic manual technique. Some of the alternative meanings could come from where the clinician was trained that uses one meaning of the abbreviation different from what the other osteopathic schools use. For the general public, they essentially mean the same thing. To osteopathic physicians, there is a difference between the two, but the distinction is not needed most of the time. Therefore, they tend to be interchangeable terms, even amongst fellow practitioners. OMT is more of a subset of OMM. OMT was the term that I learned and used first before OMM. To make things even more layered, the term neuromusculoskeletal medicine (NMM) is now used to refer to OMM as well. NMM is not as widely used as OMT or OMM in everyday language for the general public or other osteopathic physicians.

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